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Last update: Apr 14, 2024

Current Status

This is an alpha release, for Minetest power users. Expect bugs and no polish.

As of now, it can be played seated, using mouse and keyboard, on Windows and Linux. Two default keybinds have been added:

P = Re-center the view. Press facing forward in your chair.
O = Open/Close HUD

For safety, only play seated. Stop if you feel disoriented or sick.

* Note: The tilt is not a bug, it's from my head being tilted.

Does it work with my system?

Only SteamVR (Valve Index) and Quest 2 have been tested, but it should work with any platform that supports OpenXR.

On Quest, it can only be used in PCVR mode. Make sure your device has the latest firmware. If Quest Link doesn't work, Virtual Desktop from the Quest store appears to work more reliably.

How can I get it?

Note: By downloading or using this software, you agree to all relevant licenses and disclaimers.

The source code is available on github: Minetest, branch 'xr'.

There is no official release build yet. But the Windows build artifact can be downloaded (must be logged into github).

There is unfortunately no build artifact for Linux yet.

How can I build it?

Follow the same instructions as building Minetest normally:
Building on Linux
Building on Windows

The OpenXR loader must be installed if it is not already:

On arch: pacman -S openxr
On Debian/Ubuntu: apt install libopenxr-dev.
On Windows: vcpkg install openxr-loader

Future Plans

Current focus is on adding WebXR support, so that it can be integrated into Minetest for the Web.

After that hopefully:


If you want to be kept up to date or have questions, check out the MinetestVR Discord.

For Minetest discussion in general, join the Minetest Discord